Mk48 and Adcap Graduating Classes 1

I know there are errors in some of the dates. If anyone knows the correct dates please email me and I will fix them. If you know any of the names of the people let me know and I will add them. Just email me at:
10Jun83 11Dec81 14Dec84 16Oct81 19Feb82 19July85
10Jun83.jpg 11Dec81.jpg 14Dec84.jpg 16Oct81.jpg 19Feb82.jpg 19July85.jpg
21Aug81 26Jun81 27Mar81 27Sep85 3Aug84 5Aug83
21Aug81.jpg 26Jun81.jpg 27Mar81.jpg 27Sep85.jpg 3Aug84.jpg 5Aug83.jpg
6Aug 7Oct83 Adcap3 Apr85 Aug85 Feb85
6Aug.jpg 7Oct83.jpg Adcap3.jpg Apr85.jpg Aug85.jpg Feb85.jpg
Jan86 Jul81 Jul83 May81 Mk48-1 Mk48-2
Jan86.jpg Jul81.jpg Jul83.jpg May81.jpg Mk48-1.jpg Mk48-2.jpg
Mk48-3 Mk48-4 Oct84Feb85 Unknown Unknown2
Mk48-3.jpg Mk48-4.jpg Oct84Feb85.jpg Unknown.jpg Unknown2.jpg

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